Our first day of our new life and our first day back at Feral. We rocked up around lunch time and the weather was unbelievable – it must have been about 35 degrees plus! There was absolutely no wind either which made it one tough day for doing anything other than Surfing. Safe to say that as soon as we parked the van, we grabbed our boards as fast as possible and legged it down the dunes into the bug blue juicy bath. The relief and total stoke we have for being back here is crazy, It almost feels like we are on a 2 week holiday and will just head home back to work. Reality is – we don’t have too! Camp has been pretty quiet so far, a lot of setting up and preparing for the madness that lies ahead!

We’re probably going to end up staying a bit longer so that we can get a good few party nights in! You can’t beat a good Feral shindig!
We have had an awesome few days of surf lessons with a different coach each day – it’s been so helpful as each coach gives you something different to work on. The surf has been strong all week so we’ve had loads of time and waves to practice everything we’ve learnt. The coaches at Feral are so experienced and enthusiastic they got us both catching green waves within a few days.

The week has been rather tame so far, which is something we aren’t used too – last year it was crazy! None the less its still great to be here and not at work! We have met some cool people so far, the guest’s rotate every few days or so, so were always saying hey to someone new. I think that this is the best part about travelling – the people you meet are the people with the same mind-set and so you’re just surrounded by positive and happy vibes all day! Last Friday we all made our way into Montalivet for the weekly meal out. It just so happened that there was a huge Harley Davidson festival going all, we were all surrounded by gnarly bikers and super loud bikes. It was an ace night full of great food and cocktails!

There is always plenty to do at Feral but if you just feel like chilling out then there also plenty of opportunities for that too. The resident wise owl Dave is qualified in Shiatsu so if you’re feeling somewhat tense or just need an extra relaxation kick then he’s your guy! You will awake feeling super chilled and smiley! Perfect time to jump back in the sea for another surf! Surfing is endless – whenever and with whoever you want! We still cant quite come to terms with the fact that we have actually quit our jobs, moved into a van and hit the road with no end in sight. Crazy what can happen when you suddenly realise that working 9-5, 5 days a week with only 2 days to yourself isn’t quite the life you’d hoped for.

I know everyone is different but in the end you have to wonder what really matters? Sunset Surfs really put things into perspective, we’re out in the water with no wetsuit, the glossy mirror beneath us and the most incredible crimson sunset behind us. Just sitting there with absolutely no care in the world, no worries and no rush to be anywhere. How often can you say you get moment’s like that to just stop and realise how luck you are? Like I said before, its not the same for everyone, we all have different ideas of what really matters and what we’re thankful for, but to us being free and spending time going back to basics with nature and life is what it’s all about. We’re staying for another week or so here at Feral so there is going to be more to report on next week! As for now I leave you with the not so hard decision of booking a trip and heading here for a possible life changing experience!

We both booked Feral after a night out with some friends over a year ago – now we’re part of the family and having the time of our lives! Book at your own risk!

Till next week, Ciao HK xXx

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