Thrillist London UK 2011

Ride le sweet waves, dude
It’s hard for us Britishers to live the thrillingly chilled-out surfer lifestyle, partly because of our inclement weather, and partly because we’re all very busy discussing how inclement the weather is. Step out of the rain and into the foam, with Feral Surf Tours.
Launching their first official season this summer on Southern France’s Atlantic coast, Feral’s the brainchild of a group of globetrotting “surfers, entertainers, and cooks” seeking to introduce laid-back beach culture to “people who would otherwise never experience it” via 3-7 days of lessons, plus food, accommodation, and a wine tasting tour, so in case you don’t drown on your board, you can drown on your Bordeaux. Led by British Surfing Association coaches, a pair of daily surf lessons (90mins a pop) accommodate any experience level, with beginners getting learner-specific boards, while more seasoned wave riders get video analysis of their technique, putting you on the tube whether or not you actually get in it. Shelter’s provided by huge four-person tipis right on the beach, complete with carpets, beds, electricity, and “funky lighting”, while your included three-squares see baguette/omelette/crepe breakfasts, and nightly changing dinner themes, including “Mexican, Italian and Indian”, so you won’t necessarily be criticizing when you say “this dinner is a joke”.
The team’ll also be lighting nightly campfires, hosting regular beach parties, and taking excursions into the nearby town, as well as providing a slew of other activities you can spring for, such as sky diving, kite surfing, dune boarding, windsurfing, and kayaking, where in the most thrilling fashion, you’ll learn you had no idea how inclement things can get.

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