Its coming

Summer 2016 is just a stones throw away for us Brits and boy can you feel it.

The nights have begun to draw out and faces are re appearing with smiles and sunglasses, the layers of clothing have reduced considerably and the music is being played a good few decibels higher than usual. The Sun is burning brighter and our skin is feeling alive for the first time in months.

Its the time of year where everyone starts planning their summer get away (except for us of course, we’ve been planning since Summer ’15).

In some way, its almost our favourite time of year, we sit and think about all the roads we’ll travel down and who we’re going to meet. Its the anticipation of knowing it hasn’t happened yet and knowing just how incredible its going to be. Thinking about it being over isn’t an option.

So the big question is, where are you going to go?

With 196 countries to choose from i guess you could say you’re spoilt for choice. We all know its not as easy as spinning a globe and choosing the first place your finger lands, but, with some good planning and a little imagination, who knows where you’ll end up?

If holidaying once a year is your thing then why not vow to visit a different country/place each year? It would give you time to save and plan and at the end of it all you’ll have a list longer than both your arms of ticked off countries.

Summer ’16 is on the way, make your story a good one.

Oh and also…

One thing we should all remember is that Money isn’t everything, in fact, “it makes people cautious” – Alexander Supertramp, Into the Wild.

into the wild



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